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  • Connie Nechodom

Masks, Masks and More Masks

We want to thank everyone who made and purchased masks from Fox Cities Act of Kindness. We made over 3,000 masks during the time it was required until September.

I know there are many people that struggle with wearing a mask, but I wanted to share some information we found in regards to should I or shouldn't I wear a mask.

Here's an article we found that many shed some light. Click on the picture below.

Again thank you to several wonderful volunteers who were working with limited supplies of elastic and sewing for hours on end to make masks for anyone that reached out to us in need. Masks were provided for individuals and businesses such as nursing homes, health care workers, mail people and restaurant workers. One or many, the requests were filled. Help yourself or someone else stay safe!

Check out the Fox Cities Act of Kindness Facebook page for more information or to see some of the wonderful posts from those that received face masks.

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