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Fox Cities Act of Kindness!


01 Woodland School

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I am happy to report, because of Fox Cities Act of Kindness, we were able to acknowledge our students weekly for following the Woodland Way and for acts of kindness.  Students who were recognized by an adult for being kind received a Wolfie Wednesday and were entered into a random weekly drawing.  Those selected were able to pick an item from our Kindness Corner!  It has been quite a hit with both students and staff.  We cannot thank you enough. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students and for spreading kindness in our community.  Best, Kimberly  

02 Catching Kindness Ambassadors

Project Name

Isaiah is a perfect example of how one person can make a difference.  Isaiah goes in on his free time to assist in his school sports program.  Isaiah also offers time to do one on one coaching with students .  Way to go!  Thank you for making a difference.


03 Hortonville Middle School

Project Name

Had a week of Kindness Programs headed up by Mr. Bryan Fletcher. 

Fox Cities Act of Kindness is proud to offer support in Hortonville Schools, each day they focused on how each student could make a difference.  Congratulations to all the Kindness Ambassadors.


04 Horizon Middle School

We are proud to support Horizon School Programs, from empowerment, to community focused service, and kindness programs within the school.  Horizon continues to be a leader within their community.

Congratulations to all the Kindness Ambassadors


05 Kids Spark Kindness

Kids Spark Kindness is a program within Fox Cities act of kindness that Empowers children from several communities engage in activities that make a difference.  We are proud to support kids with ideas that help not only their communities, but show them one thought one act of kindness can make an impact!

Kids Spark Kindness members are packing up home made tie blankets for several charities in the area.


06 Fundraisers local food pantries

Thanks to our many volunteers and donors for helping several local food pantries that help our communities.

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07 Fox Cites Act of Kindness book sharing

Fox Cites Act of Kindness sponsored a book sharing day.  We had donated, new and used books that were shared with many children in the community.  We were able to giveaway 200 books that day! There were a lot of smiling faces. Thank you Kindness Volunteers!


08 Black Creek Elementary School

A few Kindness Ambassodor's from Black Creek Elementary, this donation for their Kindness program was made on behalf of the Schmalz and Sawlsville families. 

09 Longfellow Elementary School

Longfellow has worked on several project promoting not only kindness, but anti-bullying programs and conflict resolution.  Thank you for being a part of the Kindness program.