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Our Story

​The Fox Cities Act of Kindness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Kaukauna WI. In 2017 Jackie & Bill Korth along with her family Randy, Pam, Jeff, Joann, Marty and Carmen Wyngard founded Fox Cities Act of Kindness to honor their parents James & Evelyn Wyngard. Our parents understood the challenges of others and always opened our home to anyone that needed kindness or help. We have always believed family is not always blood and if we have the capacity help, we do.


Our goals are simple

Raise awareness and monies to support local programs that bring the community together.

Assist families that do not have the means to cover medical bills for various ailments or tragic circumstances.

Partner with groups or individuals to help the elderly, children.

Bringing people together to address community needs. - People helping people.

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